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What is Social Media Management? 

By: Ross Goodsell 9/25/19

Social media management involves the processes of managing your online presence, communication, interactions, and content across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on.   It entails more than just posting updates to your business or company’s social media profiles.

Social media management also involves an engagement with your audience for opportunities of more brand awareness, visibility, reach, and more sales.

Some tasks of a social media manager include:


Advantages of​ ​social media management: 

Now that you have known what social media management is, it is time to look at some advantages of social media management and the benefits of social media management to both small, medium and large businesses.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of social media marketing is the fact that social media platforms commands over 3.2billion active users as of the moment, which includes your potential customers, people that want to see your product or opt in for your services.

These individuals want to see content from brands like yours, and they will engage with it than going to blogs, which is a great marketing opportunity for your business.

Here are the benefits:

Because social media management has many benefits and advantages, it is also one of the most cost effective kinds of marketing all business whether big or small should engage in. That you can do more with less in terms of your budget.

Benefits of Outsourcing Social Media Management:

Having known the benefit of social media management or the advantages of social media management. Let’s dive into why you need to outsource social media management services and the benefits of outsourcing social media management services. One of the grave mistakes business owners make is that they do not understand the importance of involving professionals to handle some things on their business plan and the most tormenting part is, towards the marketing aspect because where the lies is in the market. In marketing and management there are lots of factors involved and else you are a professional who has done his/her homework, you might not even know when you are doing the right things in the wrong way. There is a difference between marketing and advertising; most people end up advertising before marketing while they should have marketed before advertising. It’s important to always engage professionals because in the long run it will be worth the budget. This is one reason you should outsource your social media management with a professional social media management agency such as Pinpoint Local- ND.

Benefits of Outsourcing Social Media Management Services: 

With the knowledge of why you need to outsource your social media management, let’s now look at some benefits of outsourcing social media management for your business (s).

Outsourcing Social Media Management is cost effective: 

Outsourcing social media management from a professional agency like Pinpoint Local- ND will give value for your money (high ROI). Less ​budget for more value because we have a team of professionals who are well schooled on proven techniques and strategies to bring good news on not only your social media marketing but also on your digital marketing campaign.

Outsourcing Social Media Management saves you time: 

Time and tide wait for no man; one of the most important factors in business is “time”. When you outsource social media management it affords you sufficient time to focus more on the main cores of your business especially in decision making. Outsourcing social media management gives you a chance to work with a professional agency or company with valuable experience. Working with a professional digital marketing agency or social media consultant such as Pinpoint Local- ND provides​great value to your business. This is because we are experts in such areas of marketing with proven experience and unique processes that perfectly suit your business. With our experience working with different clients, it’s best off leaving the work to us.

Outsourcing Social Media Management gives you the opportunity to leverage new technologies:

Every day comes with new software and technology in the social media realm. Twitter bought Periscope for a whopping sum of 100million dollars, which one can twist the landscape of social media awesomely. Other technologies like Blab and market which allows one to video chat and live video streaming while others watch and comment have all come to social media use. Having a professional social media management agency such as Pinpoint Local- ND,​will always keep you in par with all the latest technology and trends out there that are relevant to your business.

Consistency in posting content and responding to comments: 

Professional digital marketing agency such as ​Pinpoint Local- ND,​ has a team of experts who can provide your social media campaign with those sparking contents that brings about brand engagement consistently and also responds to comments on time which helps in your brand overall growth.


There are other benefits of outsourcing social media management for your business or company which we didn’t cover on this post because we don’t want to bombard you with blocks of test to read.

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